Caring for Pets in Spain since 1989

Worldwide Animal Transport

Since AAH Veterinary Services began in 1989, we have been helping our clients arrive in Spain, or arrive to their next destination safely. We didn't know as we were doing this that we were starting a great network around the world for animal transportation! Through these years we have come into contact with incredible animal loving people who makeup the basic structure for our worldwide animal transportation services, and we have built a solid foundation to ensure safety yet expediency in moving animals worldwide.

Many years of experience have enabled us to obtain necessary documents, veterinary tests and treatments, endorsements, etc, for transportation of animals.

Comfortable facilities enable the owners to rest assured that the animals are well cared for for any delays in travel, or any stopover needed between flights. With contacts in each country, there is assurance of animal safety.

When animals come to Spain on Cargo flights, the owners may take a whole day to pass customs and get their animal out, AAH can expidite this Customs clearance and obtain pets as soon as can be possible 2-4 hours after arrival. We also deliver them to their home, or we will keep them until the owner is out of the Hotel and in their new home. We also will keep them as the owners travel ahead to the new country,and send the animal to them when they are settled.

Our aim is to provide the safest and most comfortable care for your pets travel and we strive to keep our goal.

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