Caring for Pets in Spain since 1989

Public Talks

One of Dr. Nave's favorite activities is going to her yearly public talks! For many years she has been invited to speak at the English speaking schools, clubs, and embassies around Madrid as a community service.

She enjoys captivating the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and elementary classes of youngsters of all ages with her tales of animals and informative talks on the care and respect for animals.

On the annual career days held at these schools, she informs high school students and young adults about what it is like to become a veterinarian and the rewards of the exciting day-to-day veterinarian profession after the long, hard years of veterinarian university.

She also informs newcomers to Madrid of needs for their animals, special laws or insights while living in their new city, and happenings to lookout for while here.

On special occasions when pet owners or kids have heard her health care information, she delights in spicing up her teaching session with the most interesting animal experiences encountered during her many years with animals, stemming way back before her career (she offers many anecdotes of the pre-Franco days in Madrid).

Having inherited 2 pythons, a bearded dragon, and 2 parrots, she is able to captivate almost anyone in her talks. It is a great educational opportunity for any organization!