About Us
Liz Nave
Meet the Doctors:Dr. Elizabeth A. Nave was born in Oklahoma City, Okla. U.S.A. and obtained her degree at Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. She spent many childhood years growing up in Madrid, Spain. With the yearning to become a vet at a young age, she worked for a small town vet in the rural areas of Madrid from the age of twelve and spent some time working in the Madrid Zoo before leaving for college. When she returned to Spain after graduation, she began serving the English-speaking public all around Madrid and its outskirts with only her box of medicines and equipment. Today, she is responsible for overseeing the organization of AAH Veterinary Services, tying in her years of experience in all the services provided with her love for surgery.

Maria Jesus Martinez Dr. Maria Jesus Martinez was born in Madrid, Spain, and graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine of Madrid. She had been working all of her university years in a local veterinary clinic and came to work for AAH Veterinary Services in 1994. Her expertise is internal medicine, and she prides herself in searching for new methods of treatment and finding ways to accomplish results for almost any ailment. She is responsible for an in-depth study of the medical cases and in presenting the best treatment for the case at hand. She is a dedicated and compassionate veterinarian, and this makes her a great asset for AAH Veterinary Services!

Maria Jesus Martinez Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Hernandez is our newest addition to AAH Veterinary Services, and the future for our excellent animal care! He graduated from Veterinary University Alfonso X El Sabio in 2011 and quickly incorporated into our practice in the area of medicine and rehabilitation. Fluent in English and enthusastic about what he does he has quickly bonded with many of our patients and their owners.