Opiniones sobre nosotros 14 Julio 2012
Doc and team,
Thank you all so much for all of your help and support for Dot over the last year. She arrived last night and is now with us in our new home in Bamberg. Keep doing the fine work that you are doing.
The Rodriguez Family

11 Marzo 2012
Hi Theresa,
Well, as you can see, he is here at last! And it is as if he has been for years. He has settled in so well we can't believe it is only a week since he came out of quarantine. Badhi and Peggy get along as if they have known each other forever. I think we are all going to have a very, very happy life. Thank you so much again for all your help it made life much less stressful.
Susie & Ian

8 Marzo 2012
Hi Elizabeth and Theresa,
Jake is here safe and sound! He looks great and is in good spirits. He has already had a walk around his new park. He arrived here at the airport at 5 am, as you know, but had to wait until 9 for the customs people to arrive at work! Poor guy! He finally got to me at 1 pm. Sergio had no probs at customs. Thanks again for the great service. I am sure Jake is missing you! Diane

3 Junio 2011
Theresa & Dr. Elizabeth,
I would like to thank you both again so much for your assistance in Jasper's transport to Phoenix. He arrived perfectly fine and is now sleeping off the trip (after having become more accustomed to his new home).
Everything seemed to work like clockwork and I owe it to you both. I was so stressed with my own move and so unfamiliar with the pet shipping process that I don't think I could have pulled it off. So I have you both to thank - as does Jasper!
Un abrazo muy fuerte de Arizona,
Toni & Jasper

20 Mayo 2011
Hi Theresa and Elizabeth,
What a relief to know that Hugo (and Lola) arrived safe and sound. It was such a long journey for them and now we just have to wait for the next 30 days to pass.
I called Quarantine this morning, as I had been thinking of him all the time. Thank you so much for caring and getting him home…..what would we have done without you!
Cheers and kind regards
Robbie (and Hugo)

18 Mayo 2011
Ya estamos mucho más tranquilos. Nos alegramos mucho de que todo haya salido bien. Gracias por todo

18 Febrero 2011
Hi Liz,
Well here we are back in Vancouver not very warm these days but summer is coming, had a great time in Spain. Nikki arrived here safe and sound. You would never know she had been halfway around the world - she is back to her old self full of mischief as always. Thank you for your great help, everything went very smooth. We will use your services again.
Barbara Helwig

11 Enero 2011
Hi Dr. Nave,
Remember me? You took care of Coco and Tomas during our assignment in Madrid a couple of years ago. Me and my husband remember you with great appreciation for all of your services. I hope you have a wonderful and successful 2011. Take care. We do miss Madrid.
PS. Coco and Tomas are doing great although Coco is still allergic to almost everything.
Dr. Pat Guzman
Partner, IBM Global Business Services

29 Noviembre 2010
Elizabeth, Maria Jesus & Susana,
I want you to know how much we appreciate your patience and dedication. We're hoping this treatment works and we can hold off the inevitable a bit longer. We were all in tears this weekend, thinking the worst.
Also, congratulations on your new webpage... well, it's new to me. If you'd like another picture to add, I've attached one of my favorites of Sasha.

15 Noviembre 2010
Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you so much for what you have done for me and the family. I love the picture of Taina you sent. Once again Thank you.

9 Noviembre 2010
(from Hobby the Cat)
Hola Susana,
I'm really sorry it has taken me such a long time to email to say hello but I have been so busy here. It's really exciting though and I am enjoying being here. There is a lot of exploring to do in my new garden. It isn't very big but there is lots of grass to eat and there are some other cats around that I am trying to be friends with. Mum doesn't let me out though when the other cats are there just in case they try and hurt me. Unfortunately I do not have many teeth left because some meanie took them all out 2 months ago so I will not be able to bite them but we have had some fights through the glass windows it's really fun.
It is getting really cold here and my fur coat is looking really cool (apart from those stupid bald patches under my arms where they shaved me and covered me in jelly for a heart scan).
I hope you are well. I miss you lots and miss the nice cuddles when I was feeling lonely. Please tell Elizabeth that I am very well and happy here in England. My new doctor is nice too and he says that my kidneys are doing ok and I do not need any special food and my heart is also doing ok. I feel great and am still running around and jumping on things like a kitten.
Hobby x

28 Septiembre 2010
Hi Liz,
Here are some 'real' pictures of the pets de-stressing the day after they arrived. When I was in my bedroom reading, they all congregated around me and slept for quite some time. The one cat (Felix-ginger) on the right on the floor is hardly visible, but that makes it all the more real.

16 Agosto 2010
Hi Liz,
Just letting you know that Kahli got through OK to London. She's now at my parents, getting on very well with their 9 year old Golden Retriever (pic attached from last night!).
Many thanks again,

18 Mayo 2010
Hi Elisabeth,
We have Kirby safely at our house
She arrived last night. She’s settling in and has already decided which of the family she’s prepared to engage with (Felix) at the moment. Poppy isn’t sure whether she is happy with the arrangement...

12 Mayo 2010
Buenos dias Teresa,
Zeta llego muy bien anoche y todo salio bien.

21 Abril 2010
Good afternoon,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you again for everything that you did for me while I was in Spain. We all returned well back to the States the end of October. Thanks again for everything!
Lisa and Clan

transport 27 Abril 2010
"Despite flight delays due to volcanic ash, Suzette’s cat is safely back in the US and would like to give his thanks to Dr. Liz Nave at AAH Vet Services in Aravaca. She wisely chose appropriate airlines with great facilities and great communication where Suzette got daily updates on Gizzy's wellbeing.
Fuerte abrazos!
Suzette Manduley

13 Abril 2010
Hi Liz, Susana, Theresa and all,
Hobby is doing really well! He arrived Friday evening and immediately started exploring his new territory. He looks great and has definitely put weight on (I am spoiling him with a few treats).
Thank you all for getting him back to me safely. I definitely owe you a caña (or two!) because he jumped on my legs in bed on Friday night and then snuggled next to me under the duvet for a cuddle (before jumping out to explore a bit more).
All the best,
Sarah and Hobby

transport 10 Abril 2010
Dear Elizabeth,
Well he's here! All beautiful and relaxed and hey, so clean! We were especially grateful that you'd done all the tests and paperwork perfectly as we saw another family having to leave the animal reception centre without their pet! He slept well in his new room and has already started destroying the lovely flower beds in our yard but we fully expected that.
Thank you again for everything. We are so grateful we met you and it's been wonderfully reassuring knowing you kept an eye on felix all these years.

transport 30 Marzo 2010
Buenos días,
Se me olvidó informaros de lo bien que ha salido todo. Mowgli ya está dando guerra aquí conmigo, disfrutando de la vida de Dubai y convirtiéndose poco a poco en un perro emiratí más. Muchas gracias de corazón a todo el equipo, por vuestro trabajo y la atención que nos habeis dedicado.
Un cordial saludo,

transport 29 Marzo 2010
Good afternoon Dr,
We thank you for all the support and help with Sabrina. She arrived safely and enjoyed a lovely weekend with us.
Warm greeting,

transport 20 Febrero 2010
Hola Elizabeth!!
Isla ya está en casa!!! Estamos MUY CONTENTOS Y FELICES.
Isla está ya super adaptada, oliendo cada sitio nuevo que visita y haciendo nuevos amigos y sobre todo, super contenta. De nuevo muchísimas gracias por haberlo hecho posible.
Un abrazo,

transport 11 Agosto 2009
Doctor Nave,
A brief note just to say thank you for taking care of our dog Pepper. He has arrived in NY happy and looking great.
Thanks again!
Jose & family

transport 26 Junio 2009
Mouse has arrived and reunited with us in Knoxville. All is well! Thanks so much for the excellent care.
All the best,
Elisabeth (Lisa)

transport 25 Mayo 2009
Hola Elizabeth!
Ya sabes que Ginebra, nuestra perrita, llegó muy bien a Chicago. Ahora ya está completamente adaptada a la vida en Missouri y disfrutando mucho de las carreras detrás de las ardillas y los ciervos. Una vida muy diferente para una perrita de ciudad, verdad? Mi madre también se ha adaptado muy bien y está disfrutando mucho del nieto. Ginebra ha adoptado al pequeño Ian y cuida de él como otra mamá. Hemos pensado que lo menos que podíamos hacer es enviarte una foto de los protagonistas de la aventura en muestra de nuestro agradecimiento.
Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda.
Carmen, Ginebra, Emma, Mark e Ian.

12 Noviembre 2008
Once again, we would both like to thank you for helping us relocating our little family. They are all enjoying life in California, and have adapted to the sun here, often sun-bathing!
Kind regards, Harry and Liz (proud parents of guinea pigs, rabbits, a syrian hamster and a yorkie)